Congratulations! Your personal life and career are successful and life has evolved accordingly…you may be married or have a significant other, you may have children or aging parents to care for…and while your wealth building plan is in force, so are increased responsibilities and expenses. 

Our Arcadia team of professionals can continue to navigate your financial course, or assist you in developing a sound plan that can still meet your longer-term retirement and legacy goals.

  • Do you review your net worth and budgeting process annually?

    Working with us to reallocate investment and wealth building strategies, combined with budget reviews, is important when accounting for new expenses and salary increases.

  • Are you maximizing your retirement savings?

    Are you covered by an employer retirement plan?  You may want to be saving into this plan, maximizing any employer match.

    If there is no employer retirement plan, how can you save for retirement?  Do you save into an individual retirement account?

  • Are you considering educational savings programs?

    This is the time to review educational plans for children and college savings needs. It's important to review the available options to maximize opportunities for your family.

  • What is your risk tolerance?

    We talk about risk with you. How might the volatility of investing affect your spending and savings plans? Everyone has different risk tolerances based on their unique situations. We are here to help you identify the risk tolerance that's right for you and incorporate that into your goals and objectives.

  • What should my asset allocation look like?

    To achieve your long-term goals, we work with you to construct a plan that takes into account your current net worth, available savings, emergency fund, and investment budget, along with your time horizon. With this information, we develop an asset allocation plan that addresses your goal within your risk tolerance.